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Title Date of Publication Video / Link Video Courtesy
Team centurions At ICT EXPO 2017 10-25-17 BIRDS Team (Bangladesh)
What is new in BIRDS project? 03-26-17 BIRDS Team (Bangladesh)
A Journey With BRAC ONNESHA in 360 02-07-17 BIRDS Team (Bangladesh)
Bangladesh team in Japanese news. Part 1 11-11-16 NHK World
BIRDS project in Japanese TV. Part 2 11-11-16 NHK World
BIRDS - Mission Description 03-26-16 BIRDS Team (Bangladesh)
Why should we participate in Space Engineering? 03-26-16 BIRDS Team (Bangladesh)
"BIRDS" project and Bangladesh 03-27-16 BIRDS Team (Bangladesh)
Can we do it? 03-26-16 BIRDS Team (Bangladesh)
BIRDS - Dreams 03-26-16 BIRDS Team (Bangladesh)
Dr. Khan in Bangladesh TV 07-31-15 Ekushey TV, Bangladesh
【6m35s】JAXA and Kyutech collaboration ”BIRDS project” History [Mongolia Edition] 09-01-17 video link JAXA
Beacon of 1st Bangladeshi nano-satellite 07-10-17 BIRDS Team (Bangladesh)
【7m19s】JAXA and Kyutech collaboration ”BIRDS project” History [Ghana Edition] 20-11-17 download here JAXA
BIRDS Project and it's impact on partner countries 07-12-12 or, Download Here BIRDS Team